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The biggest offer of leisure experiences on Majorca

Our business is the undiscussed leader in the sector of leisure and wellness in Majorca. We have more than 40 years’ experience in the tourism sector.

The importance, the dynamism and the power of Grupo Cursach is certified by the following numbers: 800 employees during the high season, more than 1 millions of clients per year coming from all over the world.

Grupo Cursach is committed to innovation of tourist markets and to the needs of society. Every year, the company continues to be firmly convinced to offer outstanding standards of service, to defend sustainability and to promote responsible tourism inside our market.

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Our restaurant division creates international menus specialised in mouth-watering char-grilled meats, accompanied by original salads or locally-grown potatoes, as well as an interesting selection of wines and cocktails.


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We cultivate a lifestyle based on achieving wellness for mind and body through exercise and relaxation, with the help of specialised teachers and state-of-the-art equipment. Enjoying every step of the way on the road to utter joy and happiness.


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By day and after dark…We create settings in which to enjoy unforgettable experiences, discovering a rainbow of sensations and spectacular performances. Thrilling to superb sounds at once-in-a-lifetime occasions; time spent in the very best company; the colours and flavours of our drinks…and all this in fabulous settings designed right down to the smallest detail for one-of-a-kind leisure experiences.

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Our goal: