Grupo Cursach is a family business that has a leading edge in the tourism sector in Mallorca. Ever since it was set up, the group has consistently applied a policy of profit reinvestments to maintain and improve existing facilities and acquire new places on Majorca and promote the island as one of the best holiday destinations.

Grupo Cursach is operating in different sectors: hospitality industry, sport, wellness, and leisure with its brands (Megapark and BCM) that attract people from all over the world to Majorca.

The company is committed in the pursuit of achieving excellence in all its services, modernizing its facilities and promoting new leisure offers. Thanks to the great attention to detail, its brands are globally recognized.

Some example are: the entire renovation of BCM (Magaluf) – the disco was renewed to be one of the best clubs in Europe; the creation of the biggest outdoor gym in the world in the hotel BH Mallorca (Magaluf) and for 2020 the expected opening of Megasport – the most technological gym in the world-.

Tito’s, MegaPark, The Club, Linos and Restaurante 800 grados are the other valuable brands of the Grupo Cursach.

Since 2017, thanks to the general director Miguel Pérez-Marsá, Grupo Cursach enhanced the awareness on sustainability, defending it and promoting responsible tourism.

Grupo Cursach is always looking for new talents and it is particularly focused on the personal and professional growth of its employees The company collaborates with different Majorcan business associations and Institutions in the research of new talents.

The present and future efforts are leading the change to a new touristic model, without forgetting the main value of the Grupo: offering unique experiences in leisure and wellness for all its customers with a top-quality standard of service and professionalism.