Palma de Mallorca, 5th May 2015.-¬‐ Grupo Cursach Ocio has shortened its name to the more direct Grupo Cursach and organised its various business activities into four divisions: Cursach Hotels, Cursach Entertainment, Cursach Restaurants and Cursach Wellness. These are the four pillars on which the corporate identity has been built. At the helm of this firm is its founder, Bartolomé Cursach, who some forty years ago embarked on a business venture in the leisure sector on Majorca, a destination that was already making its mark as a top international tourist destination.
The redesign of the brand’s identity comes following the company’s move into the tourist hotel sector with its BH Mallorca Hotel and Club B Apartments. The BH Mallorca is the Group’s flagship accommodation option: a four star hotel targeting the younger over 18s market, and boasting three on-site leisure areas (the beach club, water park and concert zone). The objective is to contribute to raising the quality of the tourists that travel to Magaluf in summer. The company is planning to renovate the current Club B Apartments for the 2016 season.
“This is more than just a new logo and a new image; it represents a move forward in our group’s vision of tourism”, explained Tolo Sbert, Grupo Cursach’s CEO.
Grupo Cursach is the leader in youth leisure and targets a young market seeking alternative ways of having a good time, whilst contributing to the rehabilitation of deteriorated areas and adding new values to Majorca’s name and image in its segment.
This corporate vision includes restyling its identity, opting for a more contemporary image, based on values such as simplicity and innovation, sustainability and deseasonalisation, as well as collaboration with public and private initiatives that defend these principles.
In this sense, Grupo Cursach’s key brands can be listed as follows:
Cursach Hotels: BH Mallorca, Club B Mallorca, Club B Apartments
Cursach Entertainment: BCM, Pachá, Tito’s, Megapark, Megarena, Riu Palace.
Cursach Wellness: Megasport, Megahealth.
Cursach Restaurants: Asadito, Linos, Retrobar.

The new logo is simple and direct, highlighting the idea of a business group, teamwork, union and family, in reference to the fact that it is a family concern. The innovative visual identity has left the black section of the circle unchanged, defining the company’s surname (C for Cursach) whilst identifying each business segment with a circle arc in a different colour. Grey represents the corporate brand of the parent company.