El campeón mundial impartirá una clase magistral de K1 esta tarde, a
las 17 horas, en el nuevo espacio de combate de Megasport Centre

The World Champion will be giving a K1 master class at 5 p.m. this afternoon in the Megasport Centre’s new fighting space.
Palma, 20th February 2016.-¬‐ Four times K1 World Champion Ernesto Hoost took up combat sports at the age of 15 because he thought he could use them out on the streets, but it was not long before the training sessions brought about a change of mind. “When you train you realise that that’s not what fighting is about; it’s more a question of self-control and learning how to make the most of your talent”, he explained this morning in Palma, following his visit to the new Boxing Area at the Megasport Centre.
Hoost has travelled from the Netherlands to Majorca for today’s K1 master class, scheduled to take place at 5 p.m. This boxing style earned him numerous victories in rings around the world and the nickname ‘Mr Perfect’. Now retired from professional competitions, he spends his time relating his experiences to lovers of this sport.
“I hope that they will enjoy this afternoon’s class, as well as having fun and getting a lot out of it. Although everyone has their own technique, my training experience come from fighting; it’s basically what I am and that’s the message I’ll be trying to get across so that the participants can apply it to their own experience”, he explained whilst he toured the club’s new Boxing Area. Hoost was impressed by the size of the facilities. “I love the fact that there are two rings because gyms often don’t have enough space to train in”, he stated.
During the three hour session, which is open to all Majorcans, regardless of whether they have any experience or not, Hoost will be accompanied by another kickboxing legend, Rob Van Esdonk. “We want to encourage everybody to train: those who come looking to get fit as well as those who would like to turn professional. If your body is in shape then your head will be too”, he stressed.